Please Mess with Texas

Whoa, whoa, whoa… I just need to get a few things straight.

So this morning, the Supreme Court decides to eliminate part of the Voting Rights Act because discrimination is so 200 years ago. Then within 2 hours, Texas is like "haha, we had these racist proposals waiting in the wings and now that we're allowed, let's reintroduce them asap!" Redistricting lines that were drawn to intentionally weaken minority representation look like they're back on the table. And voter ID laws are back, too. Can students use student IDs? No. Can people use Social Security cards? No. Can people use expired gun licenses issued out of state? Of course!

Don't tell me these rules aren't meant to favor a certain segment of the population over another. At least it's in the name of stopping voter fraud! Oh wait. Texas's Congress actually committed voter fraud tonight by falsifying time stamps on when its members voted. After trying to push through super restrictive abortion legislation, it failed to complete the vote by midnight (thanks to Wendy Davis's filibuster) but pretended it succeeded anyway. Hooray! Well, at least the bill was important enough to break the law in order to pass. I mean, politicians have a responsibility to represent their constituents… and with just EIGHTY PERCENT of Texans opposed to this law, it makes sense that they would proceed with it at any cost.

 I'm so sick of this sham of a democracy. This isn't a democracy, this is a rigged system masquerading as the will of the people. We should all be insulted that we are made complicit in things like this. For seeing the thousands of flaws and shrugging at them. But hopefully this is revolting enough for us to start… well… revolting.

(For full disclosure, I am actually changing the time of this post on Blogspot so that it lists as a Tuesday post, not Wednesday when I actually completed it. You can call me a hypocrite when this alteration in any way affects your uterus.)

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