He Died Doing What He Loved, Part 3

I don't know this guy and I've never seen his show, but I was attracted to the headline because I'm a fan of the sentiment "He died doing what we loved."

My friends and I have made jokes (and more jokes) that we want it to be said that we died doing what we loved, no matter how horrifically we meet our demise:
"Kevin died doing what he loved: falling down an elevator shaft."
"Kevin died doing what he loved: choking on a chicken bone."
"Kevin died doing what he loved: making toast in the shower."
"Kevin died doing what he loved: skiing into a tree."

As for Shain Gandee, I was unfamiliar with the term "mudding", so I researched to see if the activity was in any way amusing. Apparently it means off-roading your truck through the mud. This search also led me to an interesting clip of Shain from his show:

Basically, Shain boasts about a time he took a girl mudding, pretended to get the truck stuck in the mud, suggested they have sex to pass the time, and then when they were finished, immediately drove out of the mud, dropped the girl at home, and never saw her again. I'm not sure I'm prepared to call it rape like some commenters since there's no indication of consent one way or another, but he did make her feel trapped and had sex with her under false pretenses, so it's definitely at least sleazy. Therefore, the irony is not lost on me that this guy who pretended to get stuck in the mud would later meet the same fate for real… and this time get fucked himself.

I realize I've probably sounded excessively flippant so far, but I really was struck by a sense of sadness at this news because 21 is way too young for anyone to die. But at least his Dad is right. We can take solace in knowing that Shain died peacefully doing what he loved… inhaling carbon monoxide.

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