Drink and Drive

Don't drink and drive, drink and Drive.

I finally watched Drive again and it holds up. We played a drinking game with just 3 rules:

  1. Drink every time Gosling starts driving.
  2. Drink every time Gosling and Carey Mulligan stare at each other for longer than 3 seconds when one of them really ought to be saying something.
  3. Drink every time Gosling speaks a complete sentence.

That's it, those are the only rules you need. I think it's safe to say Rules #1 and #2 caused more damage than #3. We tried to determine how many words Gosling spoke, and the best we could find was this internet snippet: "If you think Ryan Gosling is hot, well - you would be right. Granted, he has about 78 words of dialogue in this very non-chatty film, but Ryan's character, like his body, is well-developed." I think the 78 figure is litotes, but point taken.

Meanwhile, I'm standing by initial review of Drive - total camp. I have some friends who are steadfast lovers of the movie that hate that I wish to diminish it to a midnight feature, but I'd argue that I'm going to elevate it to a Rocky Horror-style event. People wearing scorpio jackets, singing along to the most bizarre soundtrack in years, and shouting out lines to fill what is otherwise mostly silence? Like you wouldn't buy a ticket!

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