Shut Up About Amercia

Unpopular opinion:

"Amercia" isn't funny. It's just a typo, and not a funny typo, even. If it said "American fag" instead of "American flag", now that would be a funny typo. Nonetheless, everyone's talking about Amercia like Mitt Romney made some huge mistake, when we all know damn well he had nothing to do with programming a smartphone app. 

You want to make fun of Romney? There's hundreds of things about him to legitimately criticize, and most of them are laughably awful. But we - the 20-somethings on the internet, the media, the Amercians - like to talk about the meaningless campaign issues like typos and birth certificates. I guarantee way more young folks have blogged and forwarded "Amercia" shit rather than anything about drones, the legalization of indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, or the slow revocation of first amendment rights. 

I tell you what - Romney loves that you're talking about a typo. That's an issue so frivolous that it won't cost him any votes ultimately. And one day when he sells this country to the corporations, you're going to wish he only changed the name to Amercia rather than something like "The United States of the Bank of America." 

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