The Price Is Neither Right Nor Wrong

If you've followed this blog since the beginning (thanks and condolences to whoever has been reading my babbling for nearly seven years now), you'll know that I went to a taping of The Price Is Right in 2005 shortly before Bob Barker retired, and it was pretty awful.

Years later, my seatmate Susan made the most of a wasted day by using a picture of us for a poster she had to make for a class she was teaching at a prestigious university. It was an inside joke because it was an obscure detail that would go unnoticed by most of her students. (I added the circles.) When she brought the file in to be printed poster size, the worker at the copy center offered to find a better quality image from the internet to use instead, not realizing that the blurry photo she took of her TV screen had sentimental value.

So much sentimental value that she gave me the poster at the end of the class. I proceeded to hang it over my bed for two years so I could wake up to thoughts of that miserable experience on a daily basis. I know our faces are grainy, but can you see how bored we look? The rest of the audience is engaged in calling out prices, and we couldn't be more disinterested in the charade anymore. 

Despite it all, I'm just glad that my trip to The Price Is Right played a small part in educating some of this country's finest undergraduates. That's worth more than the dining room set we didn't win.

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