What About Me?

While waiting at a traffic light in Hollywood, we notice a guy a couple of cars ahead of us leaning out his window trying to chat up a female in a nearby car. I wasn't aware that guys actually hollered at girls from vehicles outside of old TLC music videos, so it's amusing to hear him try to run some pretty un-smooth game in the 60 seconds he has before the light changes. Even better is when we hear him say, "No, not you, I'm talking to your friend." It seems to me that if anyone is responding to your catcalls, you should take what you can get.

After I make that point to my friend Lizzy, without warning and in an act of brazen insanity, she gets out of our car and runs at him. "What about me?!" she screams as she approaches. He gives Lizzy a quick look over before deciding to ignore her (I mean, who hits on someone in traffic?) and then badgers his original target for her phone number repeatedly, to no avail.

She returns to the car and declares, "He didn't want me!" I still have no idea what possessed Lizzy to pull that stunt, as that's pretty out of character for her, but the way she made an even bigger mockery of the scene is commendable. I'm not sure what would have happened if he responded to Lizzy in a positive manner (other than praying for a green light ASAP). Perhaps this is what Rihanna is referring to when she sings about finding love in a hopeless place.

Uh, Happy Valentine's Day?

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