American Presidents

If you got Presidents' Day off of work today and didn't do anything to honor our nation's leaders yet, then you have to watch this video. Yes, the whole thing.

I don't just like this song, I'm going to try to learn it. It's actually really useful since my pub trivia team is trying to memorize all of the Presidents in order to do better on the quizzes.

Plus I just want to be able to rattle off awesome verses ike:
"James Buchanan, fifteen, the one bachelor we've ever seen."
"Grover Cleveland, twenty-two, remember him 'cause he's not through."
"Twenty-seven, Taft we see, biggest man in the presidency."
"Herbert Hoover, thirty-one. Oh no! The depression had begun."
"First to be elected of African descent, Obama our forty-fourth president."

If you want to join my cover band and perform this song at all the hottest club (get that operatic voice revving), let me know.

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