In a Comma

In high school, one of my peers wrote a story about his uncle who was in a coma. I realize you're not supposed to laugh about things like that, but it's really hard not to when he repeatedly spelled the word "coma" with two M-s. "He fell into a comma", "He's still in a comma", etc.

Sorry, but it's difficult to sympathize when you're instead picturing the intricacies of falling into a comma. Due to their shape, I imagine it would be easy to slide down one. They also hang out low next to words, so it seems likely that someone might come along and trip on one.

Who knows, maybe it wasn't a mistake after all. Part of me wants to retroactively give him credit for writing such an esoteric story, but I'm pretty sure someone who can't spell isn't a secret grammar nerd who was actually describing my fantasy world of getting to live inside a punctuation mark.

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