Happy Columbus Day

I love how everyone's getting extra feisty about Christopher Columbus this year. He got lost on the way to where he was actually trying to go. He "discovered" land that was already inhabited. He murdered and swindled the new people he encountered. They all seem like good reasons not to honor a man with a holiday.

But then, some of the people who despise Columbus are also pissed that they didn't get today off. Good-for-nothing lazy liberals! Am I right?

I decided to honor Columbus and take the day off because I could. In fact, I gave all of my coworkers the day off, too. When I saw Columbus Day coming up a few weeks ago, I wrote "DAY OFF" all over the calendars and nobody questioned it. To be clear, I don't have this sort of authority, but I do write up the production schedule, and even though we didn't take it off last year, I took some liberties and added it as a company holiday myself. Last week my boss was like, "Oh, we have Monday off?" which should have been her call, but she just accepted it as fact and took the day off, too. Given what an incompetent dick Columbus was, I think he'd be proud of my accomplishments.

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your sistaaa said...

ha! i wish i could do that