Ellen Feiss

You ever decide to retroactively have a crush on a drugged teenager from a decade ago?

Forget the IPod, student Ellen Feiss is the best thing that Apple ever produced.

I love her impression of a PC ("BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP"), I love her near Scooby Doo grunt of confusion, ("Enh?"), and I love her confidence in her own writing abilities. It's a "bummer" she's not still part of our day-to-day lives. I'd be willing to switch a lot of things for her.

I did a little stalking researching (it's okay, she's not 14 anymore, folks), and found this interview. Here are six important Ellen Feiss facts:

1. Her wardrobe is what she wore to school that day.
2. Her friend's dad directed the commercial. She came by the set to watch, not be filmed, but got coaxed in front of the camera to share her story.
3. It's a true story. Her essay was a 15-pager about Chinatowns throughout America for history class.
4. Though she's been high before, she wasn't on marijuana during filming. She did take Benadryl, though.
5. She likes Nelly Furtado and Sleater Kinney.
6. She has "no comment" on whether she's single.

I think I might need to be Ellen Feiss for Halloween this year.

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