The Power Cord

Once again my Macbook power cord has crapped out after only about a year of use. Then again, I guess it's no surprise that a Steve Jobs product would expire prematurely. Oh shut up, the only thing that's "too soon" is how quickly my power cord went.

Before buying a new one, I tried to research how to fix the cord myself. This process involved cutting some of it apart and trying to rejoin some of the inner wires. Because I had no clue what I was doing, I was unsuccessful, but I figured there was no harm in breaking an already broken item.

The next morning, I went straight to the Apple store because I use my computer for my livelihood. Thinking ahead, I brought the power cord I decapitated with me in my pocket in case I needed to see which size to purchase. This move was unnecessary, however, because the "Genius" told me exactly what I needed to buy.

When purchasing the cord ($80 - you don't suppose they make them that fragile on purpose, do you?), I accidentally knocked the power cord head out my pocket while grabbing my wallet. It hit the floor and the Genius literally gasped at the sight. I nervously laughed, and he just said, "My God."

I forgot about how much Apple people love their products. While I'd guess he was accustomed to dealing with broken power cords, I doubt he usually sees them dismembered, with frayed wires spilling from it's neck. I actually felt judged as we finished the transaction for the new cord, as if he thought I was some murderer who couldn't be trusted to be responsible with a new one.

If he was that distraught over the cord, I would have to imagine he took a bereavement day when he heard the news about Steve Jobs.

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