9/11 Is No Day to Be Insensitive

It’s September 11th. You know what that means: Sorority Row premieres!

Just kidding. Well, I am going to see it. But I know what anniversary this day marks. In spite of my 9/11 pick-up lines, I’m not as insensitive about the tragedies as it may seem.

Insensitive is my physics teacher. While all of my other classes at my high school cancelled their lesson plans on that day to watch history unfold live on television and discuss our feelings about the events, my physics teacher decided we would learn equations involving gravity by calculating how long it would take for someone who jumped from the 100th floor of the Twin Tours to hit the ground.

That’s not a joke or an exaggeration. Suddenly I don’t seem like such a rotten teacher, huh?

It’s worth noting that I actually commemorate 9/11 every day. It is the subject of my favorite piece of art, which hangs in my dinning room.

For some context, I often decorate my house with strange things I find in thrift stores. Most people who purchase similar items just use the frames and get rid of whatever picture is inside, but I like displaying them in the condition I find them, “found art” of sorts. This 9/11-related art was quite the find, really. Check it out:

This picture appears to originally be some sort of dumb email or MySpace forward. It’s rich with grammatical errors like misspelling “everyone” and incorrectly pluralizing “life.” Nevertheless, someone was so touched by this graphic that ey not only printed it out, but ey also framed it. Some people… I swear!

So, yeah, I mostly like it because it makes me laugh. Maybe that is a bit insensitive. But at least as long as it hangs adjacent to where I eat every day, I can claim I will never forget.

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