Kindergarten Likes and Dislikes

In kindergarten, Wes's teacher instructed the class to make a collage. On one half of the paper, the students were to paste/draw pictures of things they liked, while on the other half of the sheet, they were to do the same with things they disliked. While the other students busily filled their papers with a variety of objects, Wes took a minimalist approach:

like: pumpkins
i don't like: George Bush (senior - though we didn't refer to him as such at that point)

Look at that little liberal in the making. I mean, what else is there to say really? Sure, Wes could have included pictures of puppies and spinach, but he is a man kid of refined taste. Let's cut the crap and get to what matters: pumpkins and politics.

If you know Wes, I think this picture sums him up perfectly.

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lewis said...

you should submit this to a gallery.