Konyay West

Have you heard about this guy Konyay West? He's a famous wrapper who wears glasses that make him look like he's in jail, but he's not, LOL!! What's not LOL is that his mom died of plastic sugary a while ago so you have to feel bad for him. She should of loved herself the way she is.

N E way, Konyay is in the news now because of something he did. Earlier this week, VH1 had their annual music video award show and people say he ruined the whole thing! I guess that means he wrote all of the host's penis jokes.

I heard he showed up to the show drinking alcohol which is just asking for trouble. Then later, Carrie Underwood won an award for best music video not by a man and thanked her country. But then, guess who interrupts Carrie's big moment?! Well if you need me to say... Konyay!!!! Konyay came up and STOLE the microphone from Carrie's hands. He wanted to say hello to Beyonce and remind everyone that Beyonce had one of the best music videos ever.

Konyay is right. Beyonce's video had hot women dancing, which is pretty much what music videos have always been, which is why it should be the best video. Award shows are important so we can't just let them pick anyone as a winner, no offense Carrie!!!!!

So Konyay tells it like it is and meantime, Beyonce makes surprised faces because she didn't win. She needs a award because no 1 even remembers her after leaving Destiny's Kid. Carrie just stands there and doesn't know what to do because she's just a teenager. I felt bad for her, it wasn't her fault people thought i'd be funny to give her a award like Cuba Goodin' Junior.

I think Konyay shouldn't of done that. Beyonce should of gone up herself to take the award. 4tunately, no one will forget who Carrie Underwood is now that this happened.

On his blog, Konyay says he is sorry 4 what he did. Konyay is a good blogger cuz he types in all capital letters like hes shouting cuz he means it. In late 2008, Konyay also blogged about "Fresh Kid" Ellen Degenerous. I'm glad he introduced me to her cuz she is sooo funny.

This isn't the first time Konyay made a controversy. After Hurricane Catrina (why didn't they name the Hurricane Sasha Fierce?!?!?!) Konyay told Austin Powers that the President doesn't care about black people. Um, NEWSFLASH, Konyay! The President is black so that's a pretty dumb thing to say. By the way, President Obama called Konyay a jackrabbit. hahahahaha Burn!

From now on, all awards should be given to Beyonce to avoid problems!!


lewis said...

the use of "should of" is what makes this REAL.

Gay LDS Actor said...

Incidentally, the singer whose thunder he stole was Taylor Swift, not Carrie Underwood.

Anonymous said...

did you really write this?