A New Pet

You can all sleep soundly: our house is not getting a snake.

Before the snake could reach our friendly abode, it went on quite a few adventures. First, it bit the student in the face. After all this talk about how snakes are not really as scary as they're made out to be, it bit her in the face. What an asp-hole. Next, the snake crawled down the kitchen sink. Unable to rescue the snake, the family had to call a plumber, who had to break and reconstruct the pipes in order to retrieve it. Finally, after racking up hundreds of dollars in plumbing bills, the snake got loose once again and has disappeared within the walls of the house. So now these poor parents who were too terrified to keep the snake in their house but agreed to take it for two days until our house would accept the responsibility have a snake hiding permanently somewhere nearby. Unsurprisingly, the parents are now having trouble sleeping knowing the snake is somewhere.

If it weren't for the fact that this snake is terrorizing some unfortunate family, it would be funny almost. Heck, I'm laughing all the same.

Though we are not getting a snake, we are getting a new pet. As of two hours ago, Amber and Shea have officially adopted a cairn terrior (the same type of dog as Toto) from someone who can no longer care for it. I have to say, I'm way more excited for a cute puppy than a snake. I will post pictures shortly after it arrives!

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who knew you loved dogs so much