Happy Birthday to Whomever

Tonight gave birth to another great Margarita Monday. We were displaced from our usual tables because someone had a large birthday party. Fortunately, they abandoned their post fairly early, leaving behind a lot of cake. Call us ants, but we pillaged those left overs, bringing them back to our table and devouring it. It was the best cake I have eaten in a long time. Though I try not to use the phrase, it had "old school" frosting, the kind that used to make cake worth eating before this unfortunate trend of using whipped buttery substances as the icing of choice. 'tever!

Also left behind were some unfinished drinks and - I won't mention names (this time anyway) - but they were proudly consumed as well. Among these drinks was a half full pitcher with a neon green liquid, which we all assumed was margarita. Upon closer inspection, however, it was discovered that this pitcher smelled a bit too much like cleaning fluid to sip. Although as the night progressed, several of us kept looking over at it, deciding it might at least be worth a try. We decided if desperate enough, we'd turn to what I coined the "relief pitcher," which, at the time, I resolved was the funniest thing I've said in my entire life - at least since originating a Mexican booster seat last week.

No need to call poison control: thankfully, the relief pitcher sat on the bench all night. Nevertheless, we decided that we were so happy with the abandoned party favors that we wouldn't mind having the person come celebrate eir birthday at the restaurant every week, only to quickly realize that that's not exactly how birthdays work. At that point, Jenna groaned, "I haven't had a birthday in almost a year!" You don't say!

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