A Mexican Gift

During the past few days, I've been in Mexico to celebrate senior week. I'm not going to lie it, it was a painful experience. My feet were torn up by jagged rocks and I'm still not walking without wincing yet. While in the ocean, I accidentally stepped on a large crab and it retaliated by pinching and destroying my baby toe. At least I wasn't relegated to a Mexican hospital and put on an IV like Laurie. Yeah, that's right, Mexico did a number on us. A number two, to be specific: very few of us escaped without a major case of diarrhea. Currently, I can't be motivated to eat anything, but that doesn't seem to lessen the endless supply of wet shit spewing from my butt incessantly. (I realize that sentence might have been too colorful for some of you, but y'all need some more color in your life - specifically brown.)

Anyway, I'm still thankful for the Mexico experience. Many of my friends are traveling abroad after graduation, an activity I can't partake in because I have to stay in stupid America and teach English to people who already know the language. So instead of going to London, Germany, or Japan, I'm going to consider my short trip across the border as a quality journey. Diarrhea counts as cultural immersion, right?

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