Big news in the life of Kevin. I've been accepted to graduate school to earn my Masters in Education. After some intensive summer courses, I'll have my own classroom in the fall. If that sounds terrifying, I concur. I eat hay. I get drunk during class. I poop on roofs. In the next few months, I'm going to have to learn to be appropriate. I'm afraid that years of graduate school wouldn't be able to solve this problem, let alone a few months. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Though I'm excited for this new journey in my life, I don't know what this position means for the future of this blog. I imagine that once I'm teaching, I won't have as many stories, at least not that I'd feel comfortable sharing. Though kids will invariably do stupid things, it'll probably be best for me to keep my commentary limited to internal monologue. We'll see as my life unfolds.

I hope to be a good teacher. I can promise you'll never see me in the papers, though - not for lack of job performance, but because of my commitment to not sleeping with my students. I would never do that. I'm more the type to install hidden cameras in the locker room. I'm kidding! And, alas, still inappropriate. Crap.

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kim said...

Where are you going?

I guaranTEE you'll still have plenty of material to post without those kids. You'll want to NOT post about them, because you'll want to keep your mind off of how you are going to strangle them slowly, while they squirm. But maybe that's just me.