Bad Grandpa

I consider myself to have a sophisticated sense of humor, someone who prefers wit to sight gags. But. But. But I loveeeee me some Jackass.

I've watched the trailer for Bad Grandpa eight times already and not once have I failed to laugh aloud by the end. The Little Miss Sunshine-inspired prank is classic: parents shielding their kids' faces, the judge's eyes bulging out, and the lady giving a solitary clap at the end is too too much. I will never tire of seeing Johnny Knoxville making it rain on a young cross-dressing stripper.

This has the potential to be the funniest film of the year, though it faces tough competition from Spring Breakers, obviously. Sure I'm 30, but I am still going to see this in the theaters ASAP (is it October yet?) and fight the urge to act like a hoodlum afterwards. There was that time immediately after watching another Jackass movie that I body-slammed my friend in the theater lobby, accidentally knocked over an innocent little kid in the process, and then got scolded by mall security.

You probably couldn't tell, but while thinking of that incident, I just stopped typing for a couple minutes to wave around both of my middle fingers and scream, "I don't care, I don't care!" I'm leading a hella productive life right now.

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