The Opinions of Morons

@Boring_as_heck, aka Stefan, might be one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. He does this shtick where he retweets people who make moronic political statements and follows it up by immediately retweeting something else that person recently said that either directly contradicts what they wrote or makes it absolutely clear what a dimwit the person is.

Like when people hate on unions/welfare:
(For maximum comedic effect, it is best to read the tops from bottom to top)

Or when racists started flipping out on Election Day:

Today, some "SANDY HOOK IS A GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY!" video has gone viral. A cousin of mine is very concerned about the video's content, and my own sister found it believable enough to ask me whether I thought it was true.

I haven't watched it - it's not that I'm anti-conspiracy theory, I'm just not about to waste my time with something dumb like that when there already hundreds of legitimate (and indisputable) acts of fraud and deception that people should already be enraged about. Don't trust your government? I'm with you. But to think a whole town to put on a violent play for the purpose of taking away your guns? I'll believe it when I see any meaningful gun reform actually occur. At most, I suspect we'll see required background checks for people who want to own grenade launchers or buy enough ammo to kill everyone in the state of Rhode Island. And, like, boo hoo to that. If you think you need protection from your government, start protesting against drones. With the killing machines we've created, if the government wants you dead, a gun won't help you.

But, um, as @boring_as_heck found, there are plenty of people who took the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory at face value:

And that's all that needs to be said about that.

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