A Concerned Mother

A frantic mother came looking for her missing son at my compound this weekend.

It may seem like an alarming story, but there are two important details you need to know:
1. Her son was my thirty-something-year-old neighbor.
2. "Missing" meant that he hadn't called her in the past 12 hours.

It was Sunday morning. She had last spoken to him on Friday evening. She called him again on Saturday night and he didn't return her call right away. This wasn't like her son, you see. Apparently he always calls her back quickly. So now she was concerned for his safety and she drove out to his home to check on him.


He wasn't home. Or he wasn't answering his door anyway. Had we seen him? Did we know where he was? No and no. His car wasn't parked nearby. Where could he be?

My roommate's reassurance that his phone is probably either dead or did not have it with him did not seem to calm the mother. Instead, she obtained my landlady's phone number so she could have her let her in the house to verify whether he had left his phone in his house. My landlady apologetically said she was unavailable - hopefully for no other reason than she has no legal grounds to a let a crazy lady into her tenant's home simply for briefly ignoring his mother.

She finally left, but was no less convinced that her son wasn't dead. Oh, and no one was to tell her son about this visit. It would probably "embarrass" him.

You don't say.

Give your mom a call today (unless this is your mom, in which case make her sweat a little bit, it'll do her some good) if only to thank her for not acting like this.

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