Alyssa's Heaving Bosom

Wahoo! After a month of holiday absence, our pub trivia team, The Fucking Catalina Wine Mixers, is back in action. Jared was really taken by one of the answer sheet's pictures of the heaving bosom of Alyssa Milano, so I tore it off the sheet so he could keep it. The host thought this was hilarious. Even though we've had our name for over nearly three years, we were momentarily entranced enough by the rack to flirt with changing our team name. A lot of other teams use puns on celebrities as their names (my favorite being QuizTeama Aguilera), so I searched my brain for an appropriate way to mix up Alyssa Milano into something funny and the best I came up with was...

"The Allyssa Mulattos". Yeah, inappropriate, but half the fun is pushing the boundary so far to see whether the trivia host will actually read the name aloud. Shout out to 18th century slave owners for the inspiration! (And by shout out, I mean "shame on you, you old dead racists.") In the end, we lost by one point. Maybe if we had actually adopted that bigoted name, we could have pulled off the victory.

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Erika S said...

Ulysses' Mulattos?