Flash Mountain

While at Disneyland, Christine attempted to make her Splash Mountain photo a little more exciting by using her scarf as a prop to pretend to hang herself as the log flume took its plunge. After the ride, she went to check out the results, but her photo never appeared on the screen. Instead, she was scolded by an employee for trying to "ruin Disneyland's magic". 

Granted, pantomimed suicide is sort of tacky, but you'd think that people who operate a ride based on a notoriously racist film could stand to be a little less judgmental. I proposed staging a Topless Splash Mountain event in protest, and Mike asked, "You mean Flash Mountain?" "Oh, that's a way better pun," I acknowledged. "No, it's a real thing," he explained.

Indeed, it must be true because Snopes says so. There's visual evidence, too, at a website that I've somehow been unaware of all my life which features women who have exposed their breasts on Splash Mountain. Apparently, the good folks at Disney can't filter out every inappropriate image. 

You might prefer - as I did - to look at the boobs in an animated sequence. I applaud these women - they are not "ruining" Disneyland's magic, but enhancing it. 

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