Clean Up Your Poop

On my way to the train station today, from a bit of a distance, an old man angrily shouts at me, “Make sure to clean up your poop!” I’m a little taken aback and just kind of sputter a, “What…?” He gets a little bit closer, “Oh, I thought you were walking a dog.” Nope, I’m not with a dog, I’m just pulling a little suitcase on wheels. Part of me appreciates how diligent he is at his self-appointed neighborhood watch post in the crusade against improperly disposed dog crap, but the other part of me wants to shout back “Maybe you should keep your mouth shut if you can’t tell the difference between a suitcase and a dog, old man!” Even if they did look similar, what kind of person takes his dog for a walk by dragging it behind him?

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