Blood in the Alley

So I walk through this semi-sketchy alleyway about once a week on my way to a bar I frequent. Last night, I saw this bloody mess and just kind of leaped over it and laughed. It was too much blood and just too bright red to be real, so I figured it was either part of some gory photo shoot or some prank meant to scare people. 

Once inside, all of my friends were talking about it. A couple of them joked that it looked like some kind of botched abortion (it was in an alley, remember), but one insisted that it looked real because there was gauze. "There's no way that's real!" I insisted.

But it was real! As I later learned, somebody got stabbed - a lot - in the alley not too long before. The police took the victim to the hospital, but nobody bothered to clean up all the blood that remained. The guy at the art gallery next door had to pester 911 to finally send someone to clean up the crime scene that I guess Los Angeles's finest saw fit to leave sitting there. Gross. 

This has me seriously rethinking my whole "it's fine to walk alone at night" stance. I'm just glad I didn't think it was real at the time or I would have probably peed my pants and vomited. 

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