Important Bloody Alley Update

I purposefully avoided that alley where someone got stabbed last week when I was in the area again the other night, but a friend told me I should check out how it looked now. Apprehensively, I walked through the alley: in the same spot where the victim's blood was previously, I spotted a strange puddle of liquid (origin unknown) and a whole lot of red stains from crushed Flaming Hot Cheetos. It looked disturbing, but perhaps it was a recreation of the crime scene. Or maybe an homage of sorts. 

A few feet away from the blood, I also saw a Blackberry on the ground. A clue! I thought. Normally, I'd pick it up and try to find the owner, but in this case, I was wary of getting involved in what might be a dangerous situation, and I certainly didn't want to touch anything. 

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