Sportspeople of the Year

There is no way that Sports Illustrated isn't purposely giving a middle finger to UConn basketball fans with this cover. I mean, either one of these people* wouldn't faze me much, but to put the coaches of both the men and women's teams' main rivals on the cover as sportsman and sportswoman of the year is like declaring war with the residents o Connecticut. In absence of an actual professional team to root for, Connecticutians take this stuff seriously, and best believe that there will be a bunch of cancelled subscriptions in the Nutmeg State.

Look, I'm not saying that the UConn coaches deserve to be named sportsmen either. In fact, over the years, I actually have developed negative opinions of them, too, given their numerous ethical and personal flaws. Yeah, yeah, you can cancel your subscription to me, too, Connecticutians, but you know it's only blind loyalty to the teams that lead you to ignore the stories.

But still! This cover is too much! Sports Illustrated has managed to rile me up after I vowed not to care about sports anymore.

* I take it back, Pat Summit alone would upset me. She is a nasty, poor sport. I know there's a lot of pity and sudden admiration for her now that she's been diagnosed with early onset dementia, but that doesn't excuse her sour attitude... unless she's had dementia for the entirety of her career.

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