LA Corrections

Two things about my recent What-To-Do-In-L.A. post:

First an error spotted by Andrew:

Apparently, I suggested getting authentic Korean food in Korea. Wow that's a particularly hostile attitude toward Los Angeles! Well, Andrew, maybe I was one of the first to know of Kim Jong Il's death and was encouraging people to travel there while the getting's good. Did you even think about that?

No, actually I was trying to finish that post quickly since I had an elk-loaf in the oven (for realz) and made quite a few typos in my haste, as evidenced by the phrase "all-you-can Korean". Koreatown. I meant Koreatown.

Second, Stacy has a new important addendum to the story about the performance artist dressed as Jesus in a diaper that I referenced as one of the worst thing in LA:

Oh dear! Leah and my other sightseeing readers, there's hope you can still see that freak show yet! Just beware the milk.

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