3-Way Thrift

If not my favorite thrift store, 3-Way Thrift is definitely my favorite named thrift store.

Because nothing says used goods like feeling good and used. And while secondhand is great, having a fifth&sixthhand in the mix is even better.

It may surprise you to learn that 3-Way is a Christian thrift store. Apparently, they've disregarded a threeway's sexual connotation and chosen the name to signify that the proceeds from the store go to three Christian charities. All of the charities receive an equal amount, which is not generally how it shakes out for threeway participants, so that's pretty considerate anyway.

You might be understandably nervous the first time you go to this place, but I think you'll wind up liking your 3-Way experience. With a good selection, affordable prices, and a friendly staff, you might even call it a ménage à trois. Bring a friend --preferably two.

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