Two Movies, One Spoiler

A mostly silent and brooding Ryan Gosling is a transient who wears a flashy jacket and earns a living as a stunt rider. Unfortunately, he also uses his fast driving skills to commit crimes and evade police pursuit. It's not all bad, though, because he commits these crimes to provide for/protect the woman he loves and her son - even though the woman has a significant other. On top of that, Gosling's propensity to violently beat people gets him in even more trouble and he learns that turn about is fair play when he himself is attacked and winds up lying lifelessly on the concrete.

Drive or The Place Beyond the Pines?

Both. The answer is both. At least Drive has the decency to end the movie with Gosling's death, The Place Beyond the Pines is like "Do you have another two hours, by any chance? We'd like to bore you with Bradley Cooper now."

I'm just saying - it's a good thing the man is pretty or he'd be getting a lot more shit for playing the same role twice.

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