Text Trouble

My friends went on a hike on Saturday, but I had to decline to fulfill some obligations: activism and apartment-hunting. I sent my regards to Jenna, and she wished me luck.

I received her text at the same time I arrived at my appointment with a potential landlord. He had put some phony photos on craiglist and said it "ready to move in", but now that I was at the building in person, it was clearly dilapidated. There was a hole in the roof, holes in the walls, and trash all over the yard. No way, I decided.

As I brainstormed an excuse to send to the landlord as to why I wasn't showing up, I decided to first send an update message to Jenna since I had just seen her "good luck" text. It was flippant, but purposely so.

Then I get an immediate reply from the landlord I was supposed to meet: "OK". What is he saying OK to?, I wondered. That's when I noticed he was responding to the text that I had intended to send to Jenna. I had absentmindedly sent it to the slumlord instead.

I was mortified. Granted, I would never move into a place like that, but I would also never so bluntly talk to someone like that, particularly starting with an "Omg". Since I received the message while I was still standing on the sidewalk next to the broken home, I then had to run a block back to my car out of fear that we'd have a face to face confrontation. Later, I cringed a lot each time I thought back to it throughout the day, but you know what? Fine. That asshole deserved to the truth, which I would have never been able to give to him purposefully. But I've got to watch who I'm texting more closely.

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