While walking downtown today, I passed a tiny woman located on the other side of a fence who was pointing at something behind me for some reason. As I turned my head to see what she was gesturing toward, I heard a man's voice behind me shout, "Hey!" Before I could even see what the matter was, I felt a thump against my backside.

I screamed, probably like a girl, and practically fell to my knees. I'm being mugged, I thought. I'm being attacked!

There was no mugger, however. It was a large piece of styrofoam blowing in the wind. After it struck me, it continued blowing up the sidewalk and then into the road. Both the woman and the man, who apparently had been trying to warn me that a giant square of stryofoam was floating in my direction, smiled at my overreaction. You know they're going to be repeating that story for the next couple of weeks.

Yeah, things are going great in my life. I thought a piece of litter was trying to kill me.

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Lena said...

Don't come to Korea there is trash blowing everywhere you might think you walked into a mob of attackers.