My New Uni-Form

Anthony Davis is my new style icon.

You think I'm joking, but I'm not. This dude's look is captivating. It's not always about being attractive, and Davis is certainly not. It's about having a signature look that others can't help but stop and stare at. As I watched him lead Kentucky to a national championship, I couldn't avert my eyes from this strange dude. Everything about him is so wrong it's right.

Those thick, villainous eyebrows! Or should I say eyebrow, because that is a unibrow if I've ever seen one. Those insanely janky teeth. It also doesn't hurt that he's the tallest guy on the court - which is saying something when you're talking about basketball players.

He may have only just turned 19, but Davis has it figured out. It's not like he has to worry about attracting ladies, his inevitable NBA millions will take care of that. If you can't be the handsomest man in basketball, why not be the funniest looking guy? What Davis has going is a brand identity. And he's going to show you just how smart his appearance is once he's no longer a student athlete and able to cash in on those tweezer/Invisalign endorsement deals.

(Okay, but for real, I was kind of inspired to grow out a unibrow, but then I realized that since I don't pluck as is, one is not about to magically show up. Does anyone know whether you can Rogaine your forehead?)

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sista from the same mista said...

why am i the girl yet i got stuck with the unibrow and you didn't? i feel like you owe me $21 every other week to make up for the fact that i need to get my eyebrows threaded so often.