New Spirit Animal

I know it's not polite to take pictures of strangers without their permission, but I couldn't help it; this old lady I saw downtown is KILLING it style-wise. Let's give a rundown:

  • purple shirt 
  • purple jacket 
  • purple necklace 
  • purple rings 
  • purple earrings 
  • purple hat 
  • purple oversized glasses 
  • purple pants 
  • purple sneakers 
  • purple purse 

Oh, and she's also holding a purple sweater and purple scarf just in case she gets too cold on this fairly warm day. That, or in case she suddenly needs more purple.

I'm never declared a spirit animal before, but now I'm glad I've held out. This lady is it, this lady is my spirit animal. My life is about to change, y'all.

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