7 Things You Oughta Know about George Bush Sr.

I was reminded not too long ago that as a child I was a fan of George H.W. Bush because he reminded me of my grandfather. I’m sure it’s true, but it’s hard to remember how I felt about politics over two decades ago. Here are the things I remember most concretely about Bush Sr.: we share a birthday, he doesn’t like broccoli, and he vomited on some Japanese dignitary.

Since none of these have anything to do with his actual politics, I decided to watch 41, a documentary about Bush’s life. Even though it’s a puff piece that shies away from anything remotely controversial, good ol’ Bush Sr. is crotchety enough to say some pretty “charming” things that’ll make you go “Hmmmm…”

Here are 7 things I learned about George Bush Sr. from his own words:

  1. He’s not afraid to take subtle digs at his wife: “Millie [his dog] wrote a book… and made a lot of money. Illiterate though she is, she made a lot more money than Barbara made on hers.”
  2. He thinks you should respect corrupt leaders: “The thing that really offended me was when you get a lot of these kids from Capital Hill… [with a] ‘we’re going to get you, we know you’re all crooks!’ mentality and treating these career people [politicians] with disdain.”
  3. He uses analogies that are as perplexing and explicit as R. Kelly lyrics: “Your job reminds me of screwing a gorilla… you can’t stop until the gorilla wants to.”
  4. He believes that Watergate wasn’t a big deal: “You know, breaking into some Democratic headquarters is not the end of the world.” And are there any repercussions or lessons to take from the incident? “None!... And I think that most people would agree with that assessment because life goes on, you can’t stay mired in the past.”
  5. He’s open about his attraction to women: “Girls?... I was admiring the figures, physiques very early on… There was a girl named Deedee Thurston who was a year older, think she had a rich father ‘cause she had a yacht… She wore a rubber bathing suit – I’ll never forget that - that was to die for.”
  6. In some cases much older women: “[My friend] yelled, ‘Hurry on up! Mrs. Seymour is taking a shower, you can see her naked!’ Well, Mrs. Seymour was about 75, and we charged up there and sure enough she was stone naked.” (For the life of me, I can’t guess why he shared an anecdote about peeping on an old woman – particularly since it happened after he was a married father.)
  7. He still shudders at the thought of Ross Perot: “Can you talk a little bit about Ross Perot?” “No, I can’t talk about him. I think he cost me the election and I don’t like him. Other than that, I have nothing to say.”
Okay, so none of the things I'm taking away from the documentary are all that political in nature, but at least I have some new quotations that will soon turn into inside jokes when no one else knows what I'm referring to.

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Anonymous said...

You have misrepresented point 2. First, your statement "...respect corrupt leaders" is confusing. What leaders are you referring to, world leaders? If so, that's not who he is referring to. The "career people" is referring to career intelligence people, ie cia analysts, not politicians.

Second, point 3 you said, "he uses analogies that are as perplexing...". It wasn't his analogy. He was retelling an analogy that someone told him.

Third, in the grand scheme of things, Watergate isn't that big of a deal. What impact does it have today? Many people who are a two or more generations removed from it don't even know that much about it.

Fourth, to imply that he was attracted to older women is a bit of a stretch. There is no indication of that. He was talking about what he remembered from his college days

You're welcome for the clarification.