What's in a Name?

I was chatting with a woman who I had just met at a bar, and since she had a somewhat unusual name, I asked her why her parents chose it.
Well, she explains, her mom wanted to name her after her grandmother, but her dad was insistent on naming her after a former high school classmate of his who he considered to be the “most beautiful girl in the world”. 
Look, it’s not my business to tell other people when to get jealous in their relationships, but I don’t understand how the mom ever agreed to this choice. There’s no way I’d be cool with my spouse naming our kid after a longstanding crush. If my betrothed didn’t think I was the most beautiful person in the world, I’d appreciate not being reminded of this fact ever, let alone having a daily reminder in the form of a human I helped create. If it were a generic name, you could maybe excuse it, but when there’s only one other person you know by the name, how do you ever disassociate it?
“So your parents are probably divorced now, right?” I asked. 
“Yeah, actually, why would you guess that?” she asked back.
Lady, the failure of that marriage was written all over your birth certificate.

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