Hobbling on a Not Quite Red Carpet

A friend posted this photo on Facebook and two people commented to ask if it was a picture of Giovanni Ribisi. 

I'm flattered, I guess? I think they just assumed it'd be a celebrity because we're posing on a red, err, orange carpet that had been left up on the street after an event. But no, no one was clamoring to take my picture, I just demanded to have a photo snapped with Samantha's foot brace to demonstrate how accepting I am of crippled people, as well as to show my new Stella Artois chalice that a Stella babe/model gave me for free… I think she really liked me. 

Maybe this means I could be Giovanni's stunt double. Does he do action roles? I could do something dangerous. I may not have insurance, but I do know someone with a foot brace, so we could work something out.

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