Turning Twenty-Six

For Jessica and Paul's joint twenty-sixth birthday party, they had piñatas to correspond with the digits of her new age. It was a fun idea, and appropriately antics were had with the props. It's like if Sesame Street were on recreational drugs.

But it's not about those photos. No, the money shot is when, at the end of the night, Jessica fell on her back and landed on the piñatas, crushing them. She laid there, sprawled on her back looking like a socialite who went on a coked out birthday bender. Look at that photo: this woman is a high school teacher, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, and on that note, no coke was actually consumed. Still, does it get any more beautifully trashy than this?

The best part is that this photo has became so epic in my social circle that as people turn 26 it is now being used as the artwork on birthday cards. I mean, really: is there anything that better encapsulates what being 26 means?

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