Recipies: Hansel and Gretel Edition

I came across this cookbook my class made at school. I found the title alarming.

The Third Grade Is Delicious? It sounds like we're eating the students. The book is bound in a semi-professional manner, which means teachers had the chance to intervene, but chose not to remove the cannibal allusion.

I found the "recipie" which I was said to have contributed, an apple cranberry bread. I have neither baked or eaten this bread ever, so I'm pretty sure this was really a "Mom, do my homework!" kind of assignment.

Not that I let that stop me from creating a grandiose "About the Author" page on the back cover. I don't remember fancying myself a writer even at that age, but clearly I did. I mean, I had a cookbook published, for crying out loud!

"Finaly his teacher had her class make a cookbook." Yeah, I'm sure everyone was waiting for that to finaly happen. What I'm concerned about, however, is the last line. "Now you can find out how tasty third grade is." Was I in on the plot to cook and eat children, my peers no less? Perhaps I was emulating Jonathan Swift before I was even familiar with him.

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