Ted asked, "How close do you think I can get to that bird?" I figured he couldn't get close at all, so I was surprised when Ted was eventually able to actually sit down beside it on the rock without it flying away.

However, that's not the point of this story. You see, starting from 20 yards away, Ted kept inching closer to the bird without it noticing so he could take photos of it. The bird was oblivious, so he was pretty proud of his stealth photography skills.

But then things got funny when a strange old man came up behind Ted. He began taking photos of Ted taking pictures of the bird, and slowly crept up on both subjects as well. At one point, he was just a few feet behind Ted.

Later, we asked Ted what he thought of the old man behind him. He didn't know anything about the man and didn't seem to believe there was someone behind him until we showed him photos. Ted had no idea he was being photographed: he was so caught up in being sneaky, that he left himself vulnerable to being snuck up on himself. The hunter became the hunted!

Except that I'm obviously the top hunter here because I took photos of all three of them without their knowledge. What a weird cycle.


Ted said...

I think I got closer to the bird than the old man did to me. You're still the #1 hunter but I claim #2 hunter.

Kevin said...

While the old man got way closer than this photo indicates, I'd certainly agree that you were closer to the bird than the man got to you.

So congrats, #2 hunter.