Six obnoxious things I wanted to say when I met someone who went to art school for photography:
  1. Oh, you majored in Instagram, how trendy.
  2. Tell me all about fisheye lenses.
  3. Is it still art if every idiot with a cell phone does it?
  4. Your selfies must be the best.
  5. Anne Geddes: Great or really great?
  6. Do you know how I can get a job creating stock photography?*
I didn't say these things, however, because I do respect photography as an art form. Granted, I know plenty of "professionals" who are shitty at it, but that just goes to show that it takes more knowledge/talent than clicking a button. 

* Except that #6 is legitimate. If anyone knows how to get me my dream job of art directing/posing scenarios like "world's greatest mom", "teenager who loves reading", and "romantic couple without PDA", then help a blogger out. 

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