Top of the Lake

On paper, Top of the Lake is the most captivating you'd think you'd ever watch:

  • a pregnant preteen 
  • a cult 
  • murder 
  • crooked cops 
  • a missing person 
  • Holly Hunter 
  • incest 
  • roofies 
  • rape 
  • child rape 
  • incestuous rape 
  • accidental incest followed by intentional incest 
  • Peggy from Mad Men's boobs 
  • more naked women than I've ever seen at a single time 
  • recreational drugs 
  • an insane man 
  • Xena Warrior Princess 
  • dart injuries 
  • paternity tests 
  • enlightenment 

But then you watch the miniseries and it's like, "How is this so boring? Why is this paced to take all of the excitement out of everything? How did so many illicit things happen and yet it feels like I watched nothing?"

I'm still hoping it takes home some Emmys because look at that list again! Turning all of that into something that's a chore to watch is a feat!

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Susan said...

Yeah, I gave up on the series and ended up reading recaps online instead.